She is a Mountain

Ashley Walters, creator of Mountain Mama’s, is connecting women of all walks to a network of women who wanted to try something they maybe had never done before in a safe judgement free zone or get back into something they once enjoyed. It only helps she’s my cousin.

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Andres PortelaComment

I read this on Melanin Base Camp and it really hit home. Enjoy!

We are in an ongoing fight for our collective imagination; that’s to say, we are in a constant battle for how we imagine things to be, reality or fiction aside. Fictional movies, dystopias and utopias; visuals on social media, music videos, and in art; the daily and nightly news; and even the written word are all in some way always affecting how we come to imagine the world to be, and so how we come to interact with it via our respective realities.

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Andres Portela