The Wilderness Known as Grief

Since my last post i’ve seen quite a few people come out of my life but most drastically my best friend.

Im still not alright but the one that has gotten me through this is being self-aware.

Self Awareness

conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives, and desires.

I'm writing this because I am self-aware. Usually, I would retreat and just lay low for awhile, but the death of my best friend has caused me to take in quite a bit of perspective. I had feelings that were centered around anger, rage, sadness and then after sleeping on it calling his girlfriend, I was about to find a sense of warmth. My pop always tells me to do right by people so after taking some time to think about Trei, I realized that I did right by him. He gave me the best friendship I could have ever asked for. So as I understand my motives, desires, character, and feelings, I need to consider what sacrifices were made to ensure that I could be afforded these opportunities.

Dealing with grief:


Take it one day at a time. I can honestly say that I have waged war on my emotions, and sometimes they win. As I’m writing this, I am learning to feel grief and feel emotions without trying to mute my feelings. I am really underselling the feelings I have because I don’t want to go too deep but Imagine losing the person you called every few days, the person that told you that you needed to marry that girl because she makes you worth being around, and your best man. It sucks by I'm dealing.

So if you're dealing with the loss of someone, please accept help.

I haven’t been doing this too well. I have been avoiding my feelings but sometimes I've really needed some help, and the tribe of people I have surrounded myself with has really stepped in. I don’t do well with asking for assistance but to move forward and walk in my purpose, I need to be about to talk it out.

Grief affects everyone differently, but please seek assistance if it turns into a depression situation.