28.) Buy the bar a round.

So here I am. I am at one of Tucson most quaint bars known as La Cocina and I saw the opportunity to execute number 28.

I was surrounded by 3 other people. My wife, her friend, and some random guy at the bar. The night was already so amazing. We explored the sights of Tucson Meet Yourself.

Tucson Meet Yourself is a celebration of Tucson. Like I always say, I will ride for Tucson until the end, and this event shows the best parts of Tucson. I was able to sample Thai food from the Watt Buddhametta, street taco, Koshary from Egypt, Greek food and Churros for $20.

After eating all of that food and experiencing the culture associated with Tucson Meet Yourself, I took my wife and her friend to La Cocina. If you’ve never been, you need to go because you stumble from Barrio Historico which is one of the best parts of Tucson. To this rustic courtyard that houses unique Tucsonan drinks and flavors.

We walked into the bar, and it just felt right, I saw the gentleman that looked like he had had quite the day. I merely looked over at Angelina and said, “Today is the day I complete the round objective.”

As the man was cashing out, I decided to pick up his tab and our tab. That was the whole bar. There wasn’t much other than that, but the man was very gracious. I will continue to support La Cocina, just know if you are with me, drinks aren’t on me.

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