42.) Talk your way out of a speeding ticket.

I know. The title of this post is kinda hard to do because if you are getting pulled over for speeding, you probably deserved a ticket. I did. 


I was was driving home from a work event in Colorado city and saw the most amazing rock and mountain formations in Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness. I had been going being the speed limit to this point but I remembered the promise I just made to trei. We would take a trek unlike any trek we’ve taken before. 

A week prior to him passing, we discussed me coming to Vegas and exploring the mountains surrounding the area. We were both excited and high offf the possibility of hanging out like the two amigos again. I told him I loved him, he said “love you too man.” Then he hung up. 

Fast foward back to now, I’m 3 hours into this 8-hour drive remembering this conversation on the backside of the Grand Canyon. It was high in the mountains and my mind wasn’t focused driving so naturally my foot was like a hot knife going through butter.  

 ”do you know the reason I pulled you over?”


”you were going 67 in a 45.”  

 “Well isn’t the speed 65.”

 ”not in the mountains, you could hit a bison or a deer going that fast.” as he states bison, a random bison runs quickly across the road. We both ignore it like it never happened. 


“Well is it too late to say you look nice in that uniform.”  

“Do you have your license and registration?” 

“Its a rental, I’m going to go in the glove compartment. I’m nervous so I won’t make any sudden moves.”

”it’s okay, you’ve been decently funny so I’m not going to write you a ticket.” 


”yeah, just hang tight.” 


i wrote the story like this for a reason. I didn’t want to give a perception of color or anything else. But, I deserved the ticket. I used my quick humor and wittiness to avoid getting a ticket. I don’t think I could do it again though. 

the reason I kept this on the list is because the art of persuasion is a skill that most people would die to have. I didn’t plan on getting out of a ticket. I didn't plan on meeting an officer and letting him know my goal is to ensure that where he lives, the backside of the Grand Canyon, is just as important to me. At the end of the conversation, I told him I’m an outdoor blogger and that I respect this land and it’s occupants as much as he does. I would stay focused more to ensure that I don’t waste life.  


So when your driving... cuidado! Your life isn’t the only one worth thinking of. Consider the land, the creatures, your fellow man and then yourself.