Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ adventure


While walking to the Trail head, I closed my eyes and was lulled by the sounds of Pinetop. Imagine hearing sounds of rotery phones, crows, and the lack of man made sound. It’s like time has left this area untouched, unsullied enough for someone to come along and jump right in. In this neighborhood, I frequently catch glimpses of America’s nystalgia. The wagons, animals, the occasional marine flag are a constant reminder of how great America can be. As I crossing the trail head, a very quaint with the cabin to the left and a small fort made by the local community kids. 

blue ridge trail .png

I gaze into the trail beginning and I am engulfed in a canopy of trees, scattered across a warm and welcoming forest. This trail was nestled about a 1/2 mile behind my hotel and the noise from a bustling small town couldn’t be heard once you’re blanketed by the large pine trees. It would be easy to get lost in and not attempt to be found. After a two mile hike in, I had to come out. It was around 6:45 pm and the sun quickly dove below the mountains. If you want to do this hike you should probably bring proper lighting. I unfortunately did not.


White River, AZ 

White river Arizona is one of the most beautiful pieces of land that I have ever encountered. The mountains looked looked they were delicately painted red with variety of earthy hues mixed in. 

The land may be beautiful but it’s important to talk about the overall environment. The native Americans who inhabit the land live in such extremely forms of poverty. Even the veterans which I had the opportunity to interact with, traded in military accommodations to go back to a life with such poverty. We took their mind, their fight, and their security. 

I will never forget Whiteriver because its Gods country. It is some of the best managed and maintained land in Arizona but it goes beyond that, there is a certain amount of love that comes with the Whiteriver area you don’t get many other places.

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