Getting my SHIT Together

Good Morning!

Its been a minute since I posted. I stopped posting after my best friend died and I needed a minute to gather my thoughts. So I think that I have effectively done that.

My most recent adventure took me to Dayton, OH. Dayton is a peculiar place. I mean it is the part of America that needs quite a bit of rehab in a few different ways. They need large scale economic growth, access to affordable drug rehabilitation and diversionary programs, and community development initiatives. I went then to get away from what I had going on here.

At home when I look at my door, I remember how my best friend use to ride his motorcycle to the front door and park it. At the time it seemed practical because it was either raining or he didn’t want to get jacked. I also remember when he came to a barbecue in my backyard. We sat and planned a trip to climb Mount Charleston right outside of Vegas where he and the love of his life planned to settle.

dunbar mural .jpg

SOOOO I went to Dayton to see my big brother. While on this adventure, my brother and his wife gave birth to their 6th child. It was expecially important to me because I needed to see my brother in his environment. I needed to see him with his kids, in his house with his wife. I was able to see that my brother was going to be okay because I wasn’t doing okay and I was worried about him.

I also got to hangout with 5 of his kids. Their are so smart, create and embody what I want for this blog.

Thats representation in every form!

My nieces and nephews are all very different but are similar in their desire to live and love and be free. Ava is the most gentle soul I have ever met. She is the big sister and can command armies with just one look. She knows the power of just a look. She also is the most ambitious of the group. She was to be an astronaut, a gymnast, and a scientist. I know she could do all of them because she is brilliant.

My nephew Eli is the creator. He has the strongest imagination of any kid I have ever met. He can be in a completely different world just because you messed up and said one thing. He is kind and strong but most of all he is very intentional. He knows the subtle nature of syntax and can memorize everything you have said backwards and forwards.

My nephew Micah. He is the most like me. He will more than likely grow up and be just like me. He has the ability to analyze and act. He was the most decisive. He wears his emotions on his sleeves and it makes it the easiest to know what he’s thinking. He relies on his siblings and they rely on him for happiness.

The twins, Jacob and Laila. They are exactly what my sister and I were. They compliment each other the best. Jacob is sweet and rough. Laila is sweet and sour. They are developing their personalities so I can only imagine what they will be like.

So now that Im over the last few month, I appreciate the support from my friends and family. But this is a time to talk about asking for help. If you aren’t doing alright, you should consult a professional. Love yourself. Start a blog to talk about your feeling and to let people know they aren’t alone. But most importantly, be there for yourself.